bellezza - JULIANNA

Method of application:
Spread a pearl size amount over the face neck and decollete. Massage and leave cleanser on skin for 1 minute to dissolve, emulsify all surface contaminants.
Wash the face throughly with warm water and pat dry.
Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients promote a vibrant natural look and remove dirt without stripping skin of needed moisture
Toner pH Balancer
Adjust hydration and pH,
Naturaly improve circulation,balance,conditione,purifie the skin
Method of aplication:
In the morning simply mist on skin and let dry.
Can be used with cotton for gentle cleansing.
Clean,correct pH of your skin in the morning or any time after phisical activities and enviormental build up of toxins   .
In addition to deep hydration this step helps to promote cell repair, enhancing skin ability  to reduce inflammation
This lightweight Botanical Blend keeps skin healthy, 
moist, balanced and youthful looking.
Its exceptionally thin texture immediately refreshes the skin.  
Provides an excellent make up base.
Ideal before applying creams, SPF, or after sun exposure, laser and  microdermabrasion.
Use as cooling, firming, plumping, under eye and  facial treatment.
Suitable for all skin and all ages
Method of application:
Apply to cleansed skin including the eye neck and décolleté area.
It can be used as a independaent product or in combination with our Serums or Creams to further customize your skins specific needs
Day and Night Creams
Featuring a superior blend of ingredients our creams improve Eye and Face texture and gentley plump the surface, hydrates and nourishes skin
Our creams are enhanced and customized with host of Julianna's 4NB  signature complex plant extracts and additives.
*Botanical Blend Serums
 Customize your skincare products - Combination of Natural Ingredients to target individuals skin concerns and skin types.
Add few drop Botanical Serum to Cleanser,Repair,Creams, Masques.
Available by consultation and recomendation only.
Tinted Cream Vitamin C,  Green Tea, Chamomile Extracts, Vitamin A,  Vitamin Ecombine to sooth and  neutralize redness; zinc oxide provides a full spectrum of sunscreen protection.
7)EXFOLIATE&CORRECT - 10 minute facial at home 
Bella Peel & Exfoliating PO
Exfoliate to alleviate thickened, dry patchy skin.
Helps revive tierd skin, improves skin tone,slough off old dead skin cells, brighten skin and encourage cellular regeneration.
Seasonal  custom blended Pomegranate,Strawberry, Lnden, Rose,Mint,Mud,  and  OVERNIGHT MASQUES correct and nourish skin .