Seven Essential Steps to beautiful skin
1)Cleanse with  Julianna & Bellezza GENTLE CLEANSER
 at night,
 Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients promote a vibrant natural look and remove dirt without stripping skin of needed moisture. 
2)Refresh with Julianna & Bellezza BOTANICAL TONER
Claify clean correct pH of your skin in the Am or  any time
Refreshing, Brightening, Calming. Two formulas.
3)Hydrate with REPAIR  every day and night. 
This lightweight Botanical Blends keeps skin healthy, moist, balanced and youthful looking. Its exceptionally thin texture immediately refreshes the skin.
Provides an excellent make up base.
It will trigger cell renewal, while increasing and regulating moisture balance.
Chamomile Distlate, Hyalouronic Acid, Arnica, Linden and Rose Flower, Cucumber Distilate, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Vitamin E ,4 NB ext.
are some of the ingredients that leave the skin clear, smooth, firm. 
Ideal before applying creams, SPF, or after sun exposure, laser and  microdermabrasion.
Use as cooling, firming, plumping, under eye and  facial treatment, or  mix with Julianna Optimal Cream to create Personalized Hydrating Cream.Two Formulas.
4)Nourish with  Julianna CREAM DE LA CREAM  Day and Night 
Featuring a superior blend of ingredients this cream improves Eye and Face texture and gentley plumps the surface, hydrates and works on fine lines..
This cream contains a host of plant extracts , Jojoba, Chamomile, Calendula and Lemon extracts. This coctail of toning plants, combined with Vitamin E and B5 helps skin elasticity and renovates the skin, getting rid of premature lines and is rapidly absorbed by the skin for unparalleled smoothness.
Dry/ mature skin types use this cream day and night. Combination skin type benefits from Fitness lotion during the day, Cream de la Cream at night.
5) When outdoors protect with  Julianna's BB Cream  BOTANICAL BLEND  TINTED CREAM - Vitamin C  Green Tea, Chamomile Extracts, Vitamin A,  Vitamin E combine to sooth and  neutralize redness; zinc oxide provides a full spectrum of sunscreen protection.
Once a week Pm
 6)Exfoliate with Juliannas Bella Peel or Powedered Botanical Peel your skin can enjoy spa quality facial peel at home. Slough off old dead skin cells, brighten skin and encourage cellular regeneration.
 7)Use  one of Juliannas seasonal  custom blendet Strawberry, Lnden, Rose, Chamomile  and  OVERNIGHT MASQUES.