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extend your facial treatment

Extend your facial treatment at home.
Protocol 9- treatments for the neck
and décolleté area
This year I decided that instead of introducing a new Fall treatment, I will pay tribute to one of my most requested treatments  Protocol # 9 developed many years ago,by making it more "potent" for the skin.
The quality of raw ingredients,combinations and levels, the base formula, the application and method all have been taken into consideration for treatments efficacy and client satisfaction.
 The  New Ingredients? Ultra fine herbs, flowers, grape, citrus, sorbitol, heat activated marine extracts, trehalose, to maximize the skins ability to attract moisture  from the environment, to smooth and firm.
The results?...well, I hope that those who will experience the new and improved Protocol#9 treatment will make comment's about it.
At home:Some of our Face creams are formulated to be helpful to the neck and décolleté area. Essential plant botanicals help stimulate and firm the skin.

Winter Blues

getting through winter bluesAt home facial It's amazing  how much effect the weather can have on us and our skin...
The following ideas are very simple, but they can make a big difference in your day and mood and will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and glowing.
Winterize your skin care regime
Skin Care Formulations that work well with your skin most of the year can cause irritation and sensitivities in the winter.
While planning your skin care regimen, you should be sure to consider any existingskin conditions. If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis or if your skin is infected and sensitive you should consult skin care specialist or your doctor.
Use nourishing milk or Cream Cleanser and apply Repair Concentrate, Dry skin needs moisture ,our winter seasonal formula is rich in essential fatty acids which prevent dryness.
Creams, Oils and Moisturizers -" the choice you make depends on the dryness of your skin and personal preference"
Creams, soften and calm your skin when you rub them in and they trap moisture well.(Cream Vital, Limoncello, Cream de la Cream.) 
Oils are greasy but they are pure and they seal in moisture well-Seasonal Custom made Face Oils and Serums.
Thick Heavy Creams-Calendula, Almond Rich Balms- prevent the wind from touching your skin. As with sunburn, windburn can leave your skin blistered ,red, dry and sensitive. This formulations are custom made for our clients  and they serve as barrier against the wind to trap as much moisture in your skin as possible-(Face and Lip Balm )
Winter is time to introduce your skin to Brightening Facials, Fruit acids Serums and Corrective overnight masques to slough of  dead cells and damaged skin and accelerating  cell turnover and returningyour youthful glow.
Preapare a special tea or meal for your family or friend 
 See each day as having a potential to be a good one
Use Repair Concentrate to hydrate your skin use eye cream day and nightscrapbooking jurnaling or pressing flowers -it's  fun when its about something you care aboutremember spring is just around the corner.. Liven things up with fresh cut bloomsbuy fresh flowersPepermint Oil - sprinkle on a handkerchief or dab on your wrist Purchase some aromatherapy oils that you enjoy treat your self to a massage or warm bubble bath, use coconot oil as all over moisturizerDoing something with a friend or family come rain or snowWinter facial treatments can brighten your skin. Botanical Cuticle Cream .. apply nightlyAt home workout! write a letter, an article or start that novel you've been dreaming about Pamper yourself with a day of favorite activitiesProtect your lips.To many cooks in the kitchen? No such thing!plan what you plant in the spring Beat the winter blues
*Focus on whats positive and right around you
 *Take control and do things to brighten your mood
 *Enjoy the quiet spirit of winter
hang a bird feeder and watch its visitors *Doing something with a friend or family can yield a quiet warmth of the heart that will nurture you
 *At home workouts require little or no equipment
dancing around to an inspiring music can be fun *Dancing around to inspiring music is free, easy and fun
look for the beauty in winter *Create a sacred space at home that reminds you of spring.. focus on breathing
 *Practice self-care and enjoy feeling and looking good all year round!
* Count your blessings !
follow your natural inclination to sleep... listen to your bodyCABIN FEVER -Scented goodies keep dogs busy as they try to find the source of smellEnjoy the quiet spirit of winter. *Peppermint oil - After a long day,soak yourself in a bath or shower after applying some drops of peppermint oil to your steam bath, shower gel and body cream... 
 *Ginger tea- boosts your metabolism
 *Massage isn't just a fun luxury
 *Many people find coffee to be a mood lifter, the research seems to find  more benefits then harm associated with drinking coffee, having an extra cup might be just what the doctor ordered
Coffee is a mood lifter

New Products

  Vanilla orchid
Vitamin E Stick... think of the flavor and aroma of vanila cream and ... intensify the taste with a shot of espresso...your lips feel moisturized without feeling greasy.
                                                 ROSE Apple 
         (pomarosa) distiled water
 Pomarosa Face Balm - SPF15
Olive oil, Beeswax, Jojoba and Cocoa Butter based balm also contains Calendula,Vitamin E (derived from Sunflower) and slight amount of Plum Rose distilled water that gives its light texture and subtle herbal fragrance. 
 It creates a film  that stops water loss, easy to apply and effective against wind,cold,sun and water. Good for face, ears, nose,lips and hands.Thoroughly moisturizes while protecting you from sun, windburn and chapping.
This product is intended for targeted protection. Reapply every two hours.
  Perfect for those with normal to dry or combination skin . 

Seasons Beauty 4 you

                                         Enjoy your holidays  
                  Whether they be quiet or grand,
                 may they be filled with joy and peace  
  Seasons beauty
Adding specialized spa and clinic treatments or great skin care products  Few remedies and whole foods to your beauty regime can help you energize, heal, beat jet lag and help you look great for the holidays and beyond.
 Here are few simple tips,ideas and
 some of my favorite treatments,natural remedies and food cures I shared and learned from my clients over the years.
" A Good Laugh and a Long Sleep are the best cures in the doctors book." - Irish Proverb
Quality sleep is essential and with little melatonin, the relaxing and recovery can begin.
1 teaspoon of honey before bed time or Frankincense and Sandalwood capsules help insomnia.
What goes in your body is an important part of how you feel and look.
Whole and nutrient rich foods and drinks often help you feel better.
Apples,carrots,sunflower and pumpkin seeds are excelant jet lag fighters.
   Honey at the Table
    It fills you with the soft
    essence of vanished flowers...
          - Mary Oliver
With it'sRich source of fructose and minerals     Honey helps relive fatigue, have a spoon of it in the afternoon when you feel tiered.
I have used Honey and Cinnamon in general forever as a immune builder during cold season.
Honey, is a wonderful healing ingredient, natural germ killer that supplies you with energy and contains minerals,vitamins,antioxidants all which are great for good health and glowing skin.
" honey is the only natural food that contains all the substances necessary to sustain human life, including water "
 In my childhood,my grandmother introduced us to Buckwheat Honey as a home made cold medication added to hot milk or tea.
 She also drizzled honey on top of homemade full-fat Greek yogurt as a rich smooth dessert.
 My absolute favorites are Chestnut Blossom Honey and Saffron Acacia Honey,available at
De Laurenti(Pike Place Market Seattle).
Floral,dark and spicy the Chestnut Blossom honey is mysterious and not very sweet, loaded with pollen,tannins & mineral salts.
Drizzle Chestnat Blossom Honey over
 sliced fresh pears.
 Saffron Acacia Honey-
tastes as beautiful as it looks.
Saffron is a part of a remedy passed down from mother to daughter used to ease digestion,soothes coughs,treats light depression and has a reputation to bring cheerfulness and wisdom.
Sometimes when you get the blues or feeling run down try a spoonfool of Saffron Acacia Honey with hot water and lemon...
Honey is natural humectant in skin care products and helps retain moisture,it is an emollient addition to our products Cleanser, Moisturizers and Masques.
Use Honey to wash your face it does a fantastic job and leaves skin glowing
Honey Face Wash-in the palm of your hand use1/2 teaspoon raw honey & lather up with few drops of water or toner,leave it on for a minute,rinse with warm water then splash with cold water.
Add dab of honey to our Cleanser.
Honey has a very gently peroxide action
you dont need much at all, just a bit on the fingers mix with cleanser and then massage and rinse.
 Raw christalized honey provides gentle exfoliation
Penelope & The Beauty Bar- Seattle
offers unique treatments and massage to exfoliate,eliminate toxins, condition and refresh the skin.
-Milkand Honey body scrub  
-Sudatonic Body Wrap(relaxing and sliming).
-Vitamin infused oxygen facials are fantastic way to get a quick and refreshing dose of relive to tiered skin.
 In addition to surgical procedures Dr. Larrabee Center in Seattle offers a range of non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments great before and after the holidays.. Ultherapy is 30 minute procedure that restores and stimulates the growth of new collagen,with just one treatment your skin will be firmer and smoother. 
 Micro current therapy helps reduce dark circles and reduces puffiness.
          A World of Good Wishes.
One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year.


Artificial face paints have high levels of nickel and chromium which is harmful and cause damage to the skin.
Making your own paint from scratch with edible items such as beets,blueberrries,marigold flowers or day lilies, roots and tree bark, can be fun and safe.Natural raw materials are ground and made to a paste to make the dye.Clay of different hues is also used.
Though most of the ingredients are skin-safe it is allways wise to ensure that you are not alergic to anything in the recipe.
To make food color,
Boil water for each color desired,add only enough water to cover the materials,( red and blue berries contain moisture, needing no additional water) pour over vegetables, fruit,tree bark or flowers and let it sit for at least 2 to 3 hours.
Strain colored water and add drop by drop to the recipe paste bellow.
Face Paint recipe can be prepared by mixing 2 parts of Botanical Blend Face Powder(kaolinpowder,rice powder, arrowroot powder,comfrey root powder,mica and beet powder) with 1 part Jk Organic butter or jKOptimal Cream. Mix a paste and add drop by drop of desired color.
For easier option use:2tbsp.thick organic lotion,3tbsp.cornstarch and few drops of 
prepackaged food coloring.
This face paint made with herbs and minerals heals,calms and will make your skin feel great.
Can be removed with Cleanser or Sulfate free soap.  

Summer skin care

 Summer Skin Care
 " Then followed that beautiful season...
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
                    and the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of
            -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Protect your skin this summer 
 AVOID  Chemical Peeling, Microdermabrasion,Sun,Sunscreens with harmful ingredients such as the sunscreen chemical oxybenzone, or products with Vitamin A listed as retinyl palmitate on ingredient labels. 
 Safe Sun Tips
Choose your Sun screen  
*Silicone broad-spectrum formulations with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide listed as active ingredients 
and  Mineral powders with SPF 15 or higher
prevent sunburn, reduce the risks of skin cancer and protect your skin for many hours. 
*The combination of Exfoliating/Peeling, Sweating,
SPF and Sun will cause skin sensitivities  and damage 
*Do rinse/cleanse skin and reapply Sun screen several times a day if sweating excessively
*Waterproof or Sweat proof"Sunblocks are now banned because they are untrue.
*Avoid at home chemical peeling or using  products that contain acids and or "active ingredients "
that claim to remove wrinkles or discoloration.
*Avoid face and body products with fragrance
*Limit Light professional peels to once a month -
this are most effective after vacation. 
*Dead aged skin can easile be removed at home 
with non acidic peels
*Exfoliate your  face and body skin only at night
*Exfoliate skin at least 3 days before outdoor activities
and sun exposure, boating, biking etc.  
*Exfoliate your skin 3 days  after sun exposure or sunbathing. 
*Cover up with fabulous clothing T shirts,
hats, with build in SPF you can find on line.
* Sun glasses protect protect your eyes from UV radiation
*Some medications don't mix with sun exposure
*Red bumps caused by sun exposure(PMLE)will get worse if you dont limit being in the sun for long time
* use broad spectrum UVA and UVB SPF (Anthelious by Roche - Posay SPF)
         Occasional  common sense
      sun exposure does not harm skin !
 Summer Skin Care Routine
Cleansing should always be done at night, but in the summer months,
excessive sweating and use of SPF calls for additional cleansing during the day.
Green Beauty Cleanser
Tonining provides pH balance, quick re-freshing and light cleansing of the skin. A small bottle of a spritzer/toner is a wonderful product to have when cleansers or water are not available. 
Skin Fitness Botanical Blend Toner- is antibacterial and
re-freshing great for all skin types especially oily and combination 
Hydrating Botanical Blend Toner
is calming and balancing, helps soothe dry sensitive skin that was exposed to sun and wind and can be aplayed as eye and face compress to help rehydrate and calm the skin.  
 Summer Repair - Use  a layer of this skin protective product  before the application of SPF to act as a shield and keep skin moist.
Use J  Repair after sun exposure to soothe, repair and moisturize your skin. 
Night Time
Choose: Optimal Cream,Light Day and Night Cream, Cream de la Cream 
or our face oils and serums that help nourish the decolletes,face and eye area.
Overnight Nourishing Masque-deep nourishing and softening masque  2xW for dry and sensitive skin
Overnight Hydrating Masque-is great for combination oily and dehydrated skin. 
Our masques boost skin regenerative process while you sleep. 
Vital Serum - formulated with skin conditioning and nourishing oils to massage into skin 1 or 2 time a week or as need it,
to heal and soothe wind burn or sun burn.  
Sun...Peeling... and...common sense
The skin has few enemies for premature aging
UVA and UVB radiation and so called " free radicals"
UVA and UVB are the same rays they only differ in wavelength and penetration depth. 
Most dont know that Sun blocks have only chemical UVA/B  filters and  that they change their structure by sweat within minutes, the longer they stay in the sun the more UVA/B is transformed into infrared rays that are felt as heat and the more sweat and toxins are relised by the body,
this making your skin more sensitive and fragile.
Peeling  our skin  in the summer months with strong chemical peels or microderm means removal of dead cells,the protective layer of the skin,protection against moisture loss and temperature. 
When sunbathing the layer of dead skin acts as a filter, by removing these layers frequently and agresively and before sun exposure you will be decreasing the filtering action,which only means skin cancer will start  much earlier and you will experience more damage discoloration and discomfort.
Everything you do should be
  done with common sense
If you have any skin concerns or if you are interested in having a professional skin procedure please call: 
Dr Larrabee Clinic on First Hill,Seattle you will find skill and sensible approach for your skin care concerns.
Penelope and the Beauty Bar, Fairmont Hotel offers advanced skin care treatments,experienced and talented stuff.  
Email me directly for consultation or product recommendation, 
I will be happy to answer any skin care product or procedure question or concern.
Take care,

The anatomy of a journal - a tribute to my father

Many chapters make up my life and as I and my family age, I can't help but think back to all the wonderful, and yes, even trying times with affection and gratitude.
I journal a lot. I learned at a young age that capturing my thoughts in a tiny bound book helped me make sense of all that was happening in and around my life. I treasure my journals as they, much like the periods of the masters, capture my moods at various times in my life. To say I had a blue period is an understatement. There have been difficult moments that I would like to forget, but fortunately they are tucked away in my journal. I say fortunately because my life has had many, many blessings and I firmly believe that if I didn't experience heart break and trials I wouldn't know how truly fortunate I was in that moment. In these moments now.
I see my father getting older. Why is it that when our grasp is tenuous we hold on tighter? Simple, right - we don't want to loose the very thing that we hold near and dear to us. So we are fighting and we are holding on tight - not only to his hand but to the precious memories we share and the person that he is.
I am very proud of my father. He has accomplished many things in his life but none more precious than being a loving and devoted dad. Through him, I was able to discover my own strength and power, as well as develop my ability to forgive. I learned the love of music and dance through his years of dedication to bringing the attention Internationaly  - he is an amazing award wining choreographer, dancer,musician and he has choreographed an amazing life.
Tomorrow is a day to celebrate love...the love between a son or a daughter and their beloved father. This is a love that never dies - it is eternal.
As I jot down my thoughts on the torn pages of my 'life' I realize clearly that the glorious cover represents my mother - a mother who surrounds me with love and has always worked to keep me safe. And my father? He of course is the spine....he is the one who always kept me upright, strong and confident. He is the strength that I rely on and who stands proudly all the days.
Wishing you special moments with your dad, grandfather, son or other special loved ones this weekend.
Until next time.

In Mother's Honor

When I think of my Mom, I think of long walks, pampering moments, sewing projects, cooking, snuggling and hours spent just talking and being close. As a little girl, I felt so loved and cherished and I owe it all to her.
This year, in honor of my mother and with great gratitude for all that she has given me I have created some very special Mother'sDay packages filled with the very best products. I have even included one my mother and I used to make together. 
Cold Cream was originally developed by Galen, a second century greek physician. One of Galen's roles was to take care of the gladiators and their wounds after battle. He developed many healing remedies, including an ointment of fat and water that worked brilliantly. Galen's ointment, which he called Cold Cream contained olive oil, water, beeswax and rose petals. I recreated an mineral oil-free version of this product. It is an excellent cream for the over fifty. 
To make this effective product I first melt beeswax, safflower oil and  sweet almond oil together. I add aloe vera to the mixture by a dropper and whisk between drops. The true magic occurs when I add in a few drops of rose water and my very special 4 NB blend of ingredients. I stir with purpose by hand and voila!
It is best to keep this cold cream in the refrigerator. The effect is quite refreshing and very soothing to the skin - perfect for hot summer evenings when your skin can benefit from a true moisture boost and refreshing treat -Shelf life 1 year
Vital Essence Serum is a mixture of Jojoba oil that has been infused with Linden Flower and Argon oil, Grapefruit seed oil and Buckthorn extract, It is a fantastic  2 minute facial massage treatment. I use this serum every other night followed with repair. 
If your family is looking for a special little something to get you this Mother's Day have them contact me. I have the perfect Mother's Day package that will make anyone look refreshed and vibrant-something tired moms yearn for. 
 Fun At home treatments to do with your mother or daughter try some of these  home remedies - my little gift to you. I have enjoyed these remedies with my own daughter and mother. I bet you will too!
Strawberry Facial Masque: Mash strawberries (can mix with milk) and apply it like a mask to your face and neck area. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.
Sugar Scrub: So easy to make at home. Mix together 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup of grapeseed oil and few drops of essential oil. Massage on face and body. Rinse with warm water.
Coffee Body Scrub: A great way to wake up in the shower. Mix together 4 Tablespoons of used coffee grounds and 1 Tablespoon of sea salt. Use this within 20 minutes (before the coffee oxidizes.
MOTHERS DAY GIFT CERTIFICATES For a great spa facial or a body treatment to treat yourself or someone you love try Penelope and the Beauty Bar at the Fairmount Hotel. They offer great facial and body treatment  packages - perfect for Mother's Day.
Until next time,  

Life through rose colored glasses

Oh how I dream of Paris on these cold, gray days. Not that it isn't cold and gray there but somehow thinking about sitting in my favorite corner cafe listening to La Vie en Rose (click on La Vie en Rose and enjoy while reading my post) I am refreshed!

I find this time of year the most difficult for my skin and my spirits. Both are in solid need of a lift. The cold air has taken it's toll on my skin leaving it dull and dry. It's time to refresh and rejuvenate. 

There is perhaps no better ingredient for the skin this time of year than Chamomile! The variety of active compounds found in Chamomile work in synergy to reduce inflammation in the eye, nose and throat area. Some simple tricks you can use at home include placing cool Chamomile tea bags on each eye lid for 5-10 minutes and rinsing the skin with Chamomile tea but only after you have sipped some. Chamomile is also one of the main key ingredients in our number one product Repair, our new Eye, Lip Renewal Cream, Spring Toner, Spring Masque and of course our tres magnifique Creme de la Creme

It may be tempting to think about using only topical treatments to tackle skin conditions but it is most important to treat these conditions from the inside. The best thing you can do to treat any skin condition, especially in the Spring, is to Detox. A good Detox Cleanse ensures that your body's system of elimination is working efficiently and effectively. 

It is key to consume essential nutrients in order for the skin to repair itself and to function correctly. Your diet should aim to boost your intake of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and antibiotics by eating carrots, broccoli, fish, almonds, pumpkin and sesame seeds, flax seed, apples, avocado, blueberries and by all means stay away from processed foods, refined carbohydrates and yes, even alcohol. 

We have some beautiful products in the salon that will also lighten and brighten the skin naturally providing a healthy and vibrant glow. 

Treatments in the salon are limited. If you would like to make an appointment we encourage you to contact us soon.

Our Spring Summer products are bottled and available for purchase. Please call or email us and we will make sure to tailor a package for your specific needs. 
Here's to life through rose colored glasses!

Happy Spring, 


For the love of family

There is something so romantic about Valentine's Day. But as a mother, daughter, sister and wife I look at this most romantic day slightly differently. I try to find ways to express my love to everyone in my family.
That's why I have created gift sets for everyone in your life-no matter their age or sex. And what better way to say "I love you" then with a gift of health and beauty!
Here's what we have developed for you:
For the man in your life the Men's Shaving Cream is out of this world. We have combined this stellar performer with a targeted moisturizer to create the perfect package for father, husband, son or pool boy?
For the woman in your life we have combined the best of Julianna Skin Care and packaged them in travel sets. These sets are the ideal size for the exercise or travel bag. I was inspired to create a travel size fitness line because as often as I am in the gym I rarely see a women equipped with the right products. Quite often I see women using the gym supplied products or some generic product line that doesn't deliver the necessary benefits. 
For the teen we have created a line of skin care products that deals directly with the hormonal changes of a teen's skin. I have developed a special serum to control break outs and deliver just the right about of punch to knock out blemishes.
We are busy working on our Spring/Summer product line and plan to introduce it in mid March. If you feel that your skin has changed or the elements around you have, for example weather, stress, hormones, aging, then I strongly suggest a skin analysis appointment. We will be hosting a series of open houses where you can pop in for a quick skin assessment. If one of those times doesn't work with your schedule, then I am available in the clinic for a one-on-one appointment (however those appointments are limited).
And finally, we are excited to announce that with the introduction of our Spring/Summer line you will be able to purchase products via the Internet using PayPal.
More information on this new ordering opportunity and our schedule of open houses to follow!
Until then, amore darlings!