SINCE 1974 Julianna has been hand crafting skin care products using the finest Botanical ingredients available, packaged in simple,efficent and recyclable containers.
When you use our products you enter a skin care partnership with a reputable
 experianced skin care professional who will bring your skin to a perfectly balanced , radiant state.
 Repair overprocessed skin, post peel, laser or microdermabrasion.Forgive past mistakes and reverse damage with our customizable natural recipes and ours exclusive
Botanical Blends selected for their beneficial effect on the skin.
Our  botanicals contain no synthetic chemicals but natural active ingredients.Rich in vegetable and aromatic oils, minerals and vitamins they help cleanse, moisturize, nourish and soothe the skin. 
Julianna's  formulations utilize European traditions and American organically grown herbs, flowers, grains and oils.
 Customized and prepared seasonally with fruit