bellezza - JULIANNA
Through years of study and practice I  developed unique seasonal treatments and Botanical Blends, adapted for individual client skin conditions.
These offerings are unmatched by any spa or clinic and represent a considerable investment of my time, knowledge and expertise.
The same could be said for my seasonal skin care products which where designed as a extension to my treatments. 
Flowers, Organic Plant Waters ,Fruit extracts..Seasons and my Clients skin care needs,  inspierd me to create unique and customized products and treatments.  Our concept is unique, personalized and seasonal with emphasize on simple, fresh botanical ingrediants as well as many coustomizable options to accomodate each skin individualy. Every ingredient in our product is there becouse it benefits your skin, the end result is an unparalleled experiance of skin balance and nourishment that will keep your skin youthful and healthy.    
  In all I do for my clients, whether treatments, consultation or recommend  products, I strive to deliver real and immediately noticeable benefits to their skin.            
   We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best skin care products in the industry.
Member; American Botanical Council
CCIC Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics
Leaping Bunny Program
Cruelty -Free Products