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March 2011

I Am Woman

The lyrics from Helen Reddy's empowering hit from the seventies embodies the woman over fifty for me. Words, like 'strong', 'wise', 'invincible', 'determined', 'in numbers too big to ignore', 'I can do anything', 'I am woman', these are the words that best describe these amazing women.
Most women over fifty feel liberated. They have learned not to sweat the little things, and quite frankly have learned that most everything is a little thing.  The woman over fifty makes her relationship with herself no. 1.  She embraces who she is and nobody is going to fault her for it. She can be a redhead one week, a blonde the next. And most say 'no" to plastic surgery. I read somewhere that more women in their forties get plastic surgery than in their fifties. I think it's because once you hit fifty,You say, "I am who I am."
This orchard, full of flowering trees displaying their fresh spring growth and blossoms,
reminds me of the beauty of women over fifty
I often refer to this time in a woman's life as their second spring....a time when a woman and nature are seen as a reflection of each other. A renewal of the person emerging from a life of restraints to a life filled with true self expression. A very beautiful time.
At a recent event for a group known as the Fabulous 50, one woman told the group she thinks of her hot flashes as nothing other than power surges!  It's all about attitude.
That attitude crosses over to your skin. We all know our skin reflects your health and experiences. Depression and stress creates tension in your skin causing lines and blotchiness.
Beyond that, the build-up of toxins in our system adds to the aging process.  Our largest elimination organ, the skin is often overloaded and unable to eliminate harmful toxins from environmental pollution and preservatives found in processed foods.  There are ways to combat this build-up and help eliminate harmful toxins. Consuming ingredients, in their natural form,  like ginger, peppermint, licorice, and dandelion support healthy liver function and aids in the detoxification process, lessening the burden placed on the skin. If you need a little boost, we offer Detoxifying Skin Wraps with rejuvenating sea algae in the clinic.
There is no question that 50 is the new 40. This is due in part to the advancement in skin care over the years. I have dedicated my practice to developing products that support healthy skin through natural skin care products and empowering women to see their true beauty.
At Bellezza we offer Limoncello di Bellezza. This antioxidant treatment calms and rejuvenates the skin and works to help eliminate toxins while minimizing dark circles (which steal years from your looks), and brightens the skin (adding years to your looks). A specialized version of the Limoncello applied to the face and throat provides immediate glow and relaxes tensed muscles.
But daily maintenance is the real key. Use Julianna's Cream Cleanser, Vital Serum, and  Face, Eye and Lip Cream at home every day. Using circular motion, stroke the face and throat to warm up the skin. Press firmly with your fingertips, working your way along the wrinkle lines, even pinching a few times will increase the blood flow and prime the skin to receive the nutrients from the ingredients to follow. 
Perhaps the number one concern of my over fifty clients is how to get rid of those age spots. Caused by the sun, liver spots, or freckles, these spots are visible as they inhabit the top layer of your skin and are the result of too much pigmentation, producing an undesirable discoloration. Dermabrasion in the clinic works beautifully to eliminate these spots. At home use products that contain DMAE , (Dimethyl-amino-ethanol), a powerful membrane stabilizing nutrient found in anchovies and sardines works wonders in reversing age spots on the skin. Yes, reverses! Spots that show up around menopause reflect a kidney imbalance and the quickest way to restore balance is with a diet.  - sesame seeds and black beans do wonders...
Other foods for healthy skin include, cherries, dates, walnuts. Limoncello and all citrus, is considered super food for healthy skin.
So for all my girlfriends fifty and over, I say embrace your beauty and your renewed self and enjoy this beautiful Spring day! This is your time.
Until next week,

The strong, silent type

This is for all the James Deans out there who bear their daily routine in silence, like the men who have gone before them.
There is no question that once the teenage thrill passes, shaving for most becomes a daily battle between razor and beard. A battle that is more difficult to win as the skin ages.
The no. 1 complaint of shaving for men is razor burn. Razor burn is the combination of scraped skin and small nicks, and this problem worsens with age as cell regeneration slows. But there is help.
A skin care routine with natural ingredients, combined with monthly facials (in spa or at home) can smooth and even heal the skin, reducing harm from the razor's edge.
A heavy cream is probably the best place to start. They can help razor-burned skin by easing or gliding the razor over uneven skin. These heavy emoliants are richer and contain more lubricants than the standard watery formulas. JK Beauty's new shaving cream is ideal for reducing the effects of razor-burn. Another key to a healthy shave is to wash the face prior to shaving. It is important to fully soak the beard for at least three minutes prior to shaving.
Pesty in-grown hairs and small, red bumps can also be a daily irritant. These bumps are caused by curved ingrown hair called PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae). The body treats these hairs as foreign objects and rushes infection fighting cells to the area, causing inflammation. Having regular monthly facials can help but if it doesn't get better, growing a beard might be the only option.
Acne and oily skin almost always guarantees nicks. These nicks are actually nicked pimples which take longer to heal, not to mention increases the possibility for scarring. Cleansing regularly will help as it evens out the skin's texture, and herbal cleansing treatments once a month can be most beneficial. If acne is a problem, I highly recommend using an electric razor as it pushes pimples down and away from the razor's edge.
Facial scrubs and peeling creams are ideal for clearing up blackheads and balancing out oily patches, particularly around the nose and forehead (the T Zone). Shaving is an exfoliant so a facial scrub should only be used above the beard line.
To hydrate the skin, use a lighter moisturizer. Men in general don't require a heavy hydrating cream. JK Beauty's AM/PM Light Cream is a perfect product for most men. It also has a light SPF which is critical in maintaining healthly skin.
Finally, finish with an alcohol-free aftershave, mild toner, or a light mist containing calming ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe. JK Beauty has many to choose from.
After this routine, you are ready to don your white t, leather coat and make the most of your clean shaven good silence most likely.
Until next week,

Teen Beauty

My daughter is turning fourteen today. I can hardly believe it. I remember just yesterday holding her hand and skipping down the road. Time truly does fly. Now she is fully immerse in self care, from one to sometimes two showers a day, daily exercise and healthy eating,  . She gives this same attention to her skin care routine and her skin is as gorgeous today as it was the day she was brought into this world.  Who says a teenage daughter doesn't listen to her mom? Certainly Lillie has.
Here is what I suggest to all teens to make the most out of the next few years of changes:
The most important advice is to start with the safest ingredients. Eliminate anything that contains synthetic ingredients as these can be highly irritating to the skin. Concentrate instead on skin care products that are 100% biodegradable, all natural with no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial colors or fragrance. Not only are these products good for you but the environment as well.
JK Beauty's line of skin care is all natural and the line for teens is remarkable.
Once you have your products make sure you get in the daily habit of using them. The teen age years are the perfect formative years to ingrain daily habits for a lifetime of beautiful skin.
Here's my recommended daily routine for any teen:
Cleanse the skin daily with a gentle cleanser at night to remove excess oil, sweat, and dirt. JK Beauty's Green Beauty PM Cleanser or JK Beauty's PM Face and Body Gel work wonders.
Clarify and tone anytime to cleanse, tone, refresh and to prevent breakouts. Toners aid against the formation of comedones, blemishes and reduces redness and helps clear congested skin.
Nurture and Hydrate your skin by applying a Repair Gel or Cream mornings and evenings. This will provide balance to your skin antioxidants and essential ingredients.
Protect your skin from the outdoor elements by applying a SPF 15 or higher Moisturizer and Lip Balm.  This small step will help in the years to come.
Exfoliate once a week with a gentle peel to clarify, smooth and soften the skin. An all natural botanical peel will be best.
Blemish free skin requires an application of a topical blemish or medication to targeted spots at bedtime. A drying lotion, like the one JK Beauty makes is ideal for keeping the skin blemish free.
Hydrate yourself by drinking at least eight glasses of water each and every day. This helps remove toxins that often show up in your skin.
Honor yourself by embracing your true beauty and the uniqueness that makes you, 'you'. The most beautiful skin is skin that has been treated with love and respect.
Exercise daily. This keeps the blood circulating and creates a more beautiful tone to your skin.
Sleep/Rest at least eight hours each and every day. Tired skin looks dull and breaks out more often than that of a rested persons.
Love yourself and your skin.
Real beauty is is natural, fresh, healthy, and fun! So enjoy this time because, as we all know, time does truly fly by.
Happy Birthday Lillie!
Until next week,