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Mens skin care routine, Shaving

The strong, silent type

This is for all the James Deans out there who bear their daily routine in silence, like the men who have gone before them.
There is no question that once the teenage thrill passes, shaving for most becomes a daily battle between razor and beard. A battle that is more difficult to win as the skin ages.
The no. 1 complaint of shaving for men is razor burn. Razor burn is the combination of scraped skin and small nicks, and this problem worsens with age as cell regeneration slows. But there is help.
A skin care routine with natural ingredients, combined with monthly facials (in spa or at home) can smooth and even heal the skin, reducing harm from the razor's edge.
A heavy cream is probably the best place to start. They can help razor-burned skin by easing or gliding the razor over uneven skin. These heavy emoliants are richer and contain more lubricants than the standard watery formulas. JK Beauty's new shaving cream is ideal for reducing the effects of razor-burn. Another key to a healthy shave is to wash the face prior to shaving. It is important to fully soak the beard for at least three minutes prior to shaving.
Pesty in-grown hairs and small, red bumps can also be a daily irritant. These bumps are caused by curved ingrown hair called PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae). The body treats these hairs as foreign objects and rushes infection fighting cells to the area, causing inflammation. Having regular monthly facials can help but if it doesn't get better, growing a beard might be the only option.
Acne and oily skin almost always guarantees nicks. These nicks are actually nicked pimples which take longer to heal, not to mention increases the possibility for scarring. Cleansing regularly will help as it evens out the skin's texture, and herbal cleansing treatments once a month can be most beneficial. If acne is a problem, I highly recommend using an electric razor as it pushes pimples down and away from the razor's edge.
Facial scrubs and peeling creams are ideal for clearing up blackheads and balancing out oily patches, particularly around the nose and forehead (the T Zone). Shaving is an exfoliant so a facial scrub should only be used above the beard line.
To hydrate the skin, use a lighter moisturizer. Men in general don't require a heavy hydrating cream. JK Beauty's AM/PM Light Cream is a perfect product for most men. It also has a light SPF which is critical in maintaining healthly skin.
Finally, finish with an alcohol-free aftershave, mild toner, or a light mist containing calming ingredients like Chamomile and Aloe. JK Beauty has many to choose from.
After this routine, you are ready to don your white t, leather coat and make the most of your clean shaven good silence most likely.
Until next week,