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Fall Winter skin care
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beat the winter blues

Winter Blues

getting through winter bluesAt home facial It's amazing  how much effect the weather can have on us and our skin...
The following ideas are very simple, but they can make a big difference in your day and mood and will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy and glowing.
Winterize your skin care regime
Skin Care Formulations that work well with your skin most of the year can cause irritation and sensitivities in the winter.
While planning your skin care regimen, you should be sure to consider any existingskin conditions. If you have a skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis or if your skin is infected and sensitive you should consult skin care specialist or your doctor.
Use nourishing milk or Cream Cleanser and apply Repair Concentrate, Dry skin needs moisture ,our winter seasonal formula is rich in essential fatty acids which prevent dryness.
Creams, Oils and Moisturizers -" the choice you make depends on the dryness of your skin and personal preference"
Creams, soften and calm your skin when you rub them in and they trap moisture well.(Cream Vital, Limoncello, Cream de la Cream.) 
Oils are greasy but they are pure and they seal in moisture well-Seasonal Custom made Face Oils and Serums.
Thick Heavy Creams-Calendula, Almond Rich Balms- prevent the wind from touching your skin. As with sunburn, windburn can leave your skin blistered ,red, dry and sensitive. This formulations are custom made for our clients  and they serve as barrier against the wind to trap as much moisture in your skin as possible-(Face and Lip Balm )
Winter is time to introduce your skin to Brightening Facials, Fruit acids Serums and Corrective overnight masques to slough of  dead cells and damaged skin and accelerating  cell turnover and returningyour youthful glow.
Preapare a special tea or meal for your family or friend 
 See each day as having a potential to be a good one
Use Repair Concentrate to hydrate your skin use eye cream day and nightscrapbooking jurnaling or pressing flowers -it's  fun when its about something you care aboutremember spring is just around the corner.. Liven things up with fresh cut bloomsbuy fresh flowersPepermint Oil - sprinkle on a handkerchief or dab on your wrist Purchase some aromatherapy oils that you enjoy treat your self to a massage or warm bubble bath, use coconot oil as all over moisturizerDoing something with a friend or family come rain or snowWinter facial treatments can brighten your skin. Botanical Cuticle Cream .. apply nightlyAt home workout! write a letter, an article or start that novel you've been dreaming about Pamper yourself with a day of favorite activitiesProtect your lips.To many cooks in the kitchen? No such thing!plan what you plant in the spring Beat the winter blues
*Focus on whats positive and right around you
 *Take control and do things to brighten your mood
 *Enjoy the quiet spirit of winter
hang a bird feeder and watch its visitors *Doing something with a friend or family can yield a quiet warmth of the heart that will nurture you
 *At home workouts require little or no equipment
dancing around to an inspiring music can be fun *Dancing around to inspiring music is free, easy and fun
look for the beauty in winter *Create a sacred space at home that reminds you of spring.. focus on breathing
 *Practice self-care and enjoy feeling and looking good all year round!
* Count your blessings !
follow your natural inclination to sleep... listen to your bodyCABIN FEVER -Scented goodies keep dogs busy as they try to find the source of smellEnjoy the quiet spirit of winter. *Peppermint oil - After a long day,soak yourself in a bath or shower after applying some drops of peppermint oil to your steam bath, shower gel and body cream... 
 *Ginger tea- boosts your metabolism
 *Massage isn't just a fun luxury
 *Many people find coffee to be a mood lifter, the research seems to find  more benefits then harm associated with drinking coffee, having an extra cup might be just what the doctor ordered
Coffee is a mood lifter

Change is in the air

We have been busy over the summer. We stepped back and took a look at our product line, distribution and packaging and realized some changes would do us good!
We are busy working on packaging for our extensive product line. While I know many of you love the hand written labels, we found we have reached the point in our product cycle that perhaps consistent and pre printed labels would be better.
And speaking of our product line, we evaluated our men's and teen lines and found that additional products were needed to round out the skin care routines for both. Look for those to be unveiled for Holiday 2011.
Distribution of our products also seemed to need some attention. We are proud to announce that the Seattle Athletic Club will continue to retail the products. We will also have our products available at The Fairmont Hotel . We will continue to find beneficial points throughout the city to carry our products making it easier for you, my beloved clients to get your needed products. Of course you will continue to be able to pick up your products here at Bellezza /Sorrento.
Realizing how difficult it can be at times for clients to book their appointments with me forced us to take a look at our appointment booking system. We are moving towards an online system and ask that all appointments be made via email to Your appointment will be confirmed within 24 hours.
I have enjoyed working with each and every one of you over the years and will continue to strive to make your experiences with Julianna Beauty and Bellezza simply exquisite. You are my family.