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new spring facial masques

Persephone and the Pomegranate

Almost every culture loves the delicate red flowers, the  jewel like ruby seeds and the tangy rind of the royal pomegranate that's been "crowned " by nature.
 Pomegranate has been used through the ages for its beauty and medicinal properties and held sacred by many cultures.
The Royal fruit is a symbol of life,fertility, health, abundance, love.
In the Greek mythology of Persephone's abduction by the lord of the underworld, the pomegranate represents life, beauty, regeneration, abundance and marriage "Persephone's ruby  stain upon her lips spoke of the beauty's fate, she had tasted the fruit of life" Life is love.
The goddess of springtime and rebirth Persephone is eternally connected to the cycles of the earth. In spring she brings with her the pomegranate the seeds of fertility and abundance.This is the time when the earth is in full bloom. In autumn, when she returns to her husband in the underworld  she takes the Pomegranate with her, and the world goes dormant the earth rests... The seeds of growth,fertility and abundance do not vanish,they are kept protected by Mother Earth and await the spring and Persephone's return to bring the cycle of abundance the cycle of life.
The beautiful Helen of Troy,used the juice of pomegranate as a healthful drink, and as rouge for her lips and cheeks. 
In Persian mythology Isfandiyar becomes unconquerable after eating a pomegranate, 
and in Japan, Kisimojin is portrayed as a mother holding a pomegranate-the symbol of love and  fertility.
 In medicine and beauty the flowers, the shrub, juice, seeds, skin,bark- have been used for variety of health beauty conditions.Not only are pomegranate tasty source of vitamins, but pomegranate oil is rich source of Punicic acid, strong antioxidant that helps improve skin tone and elasticity - the  key ingredient in our treatment products. 
POM MOISTURE MASQUE its a luxurious and rejuvenating 5 minute skin  treatment.