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2014 Fall Winter skin care
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30 minute pore refining treatment
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Balanced skin
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Cleansing and Toning
Customized Body Wraps
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explore the beauty in the natural world , technology doesnt have to mask the scene"
Extend your facial treatment at home
Face Balm , Lip Balm , Cold wether protection . Multi purpose Face balm
Fairy tales and beauty
fall 2014 trunk show
fall skin care, advanced skin care treatments
Fall Winte Skincare and your beauty roots
Fall Winter 2015
Fall Winter skin care
Falll Facial
Fathers Day
fun in the sun
Good habits, daily routines, beauty
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Honey and its benefits,Non surgical rejuvenation
Integrated use of skin care technology
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Limoncello - Vitamin C Lemon Peel
Limoncello di Bellezza/ Juliannas Signature treatment
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Mens skin care routine, Shaving
Moisturizers, Creams,
Mothers Day Treatments
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new spring facial masques
One with Nature
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Red Current and rose pettals body butter
Safe Natural Face Paint and Masques
Seasonal skin
Self love
skin care for woman over 50
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skin care in seattle
Skin care technology
Skin care technology brings everything ino focus and helps beauty last a little longer
Skin Detox
Spice Night Cream
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Sudatonic Detoxification Body Wrap
summer skin care
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in julianna's world

skin care in seattle

Julianna's world....

            In Julianna's world.....
      creating,formulating, beautifying, testing, educating, recollecting...
      the essential ingredients...and always something unexpected...
                                 Welcome back to fall !
              I hope you have had a wonderful summer
             and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
      Fall is the time to reverse summer damage and transition to your new sesonal beauty regimen.
   Even if you enjoyed moist,supple skin all summer long, fall may bring unexpected skin challenges,dry and patchy skin, hyperpigmentation or dull skin that is more prone to breakouts.
   Fall is the time to get professional evaluation of your skin and to update your beauty routine at home with products and treatments that both restore and protect your skin. 
      For me, being with my clients and experiencing their unique skin  is the most exiting and creative time of the Fall season and that includes product and treatment development.   
   Its when my inquisitive side takes over and I seek out the essential ingredients,create serums, creams, gels with hand blended oils to complement my clients individual skin and lifestyle.
   To help enhance their skins natural radiance, to address their particular skin changes and concerns and to help guide their seasonal home beauty routine...which is way my products and treatments will always vary even if you have been coming to me for 30 years.
      My skin care treatments, products,the essential ingredients, all are selected and designed around real skin care issues I see and touch every day at my skin care clinic.
   Having worked with new technology and cosmesuticals for few years I have seen the dramatic results they achieve.  
   However the essential ingredients, the power and beauty of the traditional true and tried methods seems to have been lost in the world of advanced skin care.
     My dream and goal has always been to intergrade the best of both worlds in the most unique ways...Nature and Science!
...Active ingredients,collagen promoting peptides,age-defying antioxidants and skin health nutrients...combined with flower extracts and delicate pure essential oils .
...Lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels or pre and post procedure's... enveloped with luxurious, soothing, essential ingredients and nurturing and rejuvenating treatments .
                This year,my Fall/Winter Treatments
begin with special blends of seasonal potent serums with hand blended oils personalized to every client skin.
   Included is The 3 step signature cleansing,Corundum crystals manual peeling, and of course, everyone's favorite the Hydrating step of the treatment, the Repair (this fall with amino acids, collagen and elastin - essential proteins), followed by, Sonophoresis, Iontophoresis and Red light therapy..
   ...all combine efficacy and indulgence for your skins seasonal and personal requirement's. 
      Fall  treatments are designed to address variety of skin concerns from sensitive to acne, congestion and aging.
They offer professional results,with technology,
essential ingredients and a touch of...unexpected luxury!
            Limited gift certificates are available or message 206 4468890
                            Seasonal Products
       Five years ago at the Sorrento,Inspired by my
       Fall Facial Treatments, I introduced;
    *Vital Cream-Spice and 
Night therapy for face neck and the décolleté, made with botanicals and omega rich oils.
They are my and few of my clients favorite
Fall/Winter power potions !
    This signature blends of precious essential ingredients
exotic spice and flower essence, cocoons, comforts and helps you relax for a perfect beauty sleep.
     Envelope your self  this fall,in the delicious "juvenessence" knowing that the power of rejuvenation is taking place while you sleep.
     All Seasonal products are made in "very" small batches and they are available for limited time only.
     I look forward to sharing all of my creations with you;
 from skin care advice to the latest products and treatments
 to home skin care tips  for healthy,
 balanced and glowing skin.
Happy Fall,

Going Posh

Hats, hats, hats...they're everywhere I turn, and I love it! As a lover of all things feminine and gorgeous how could I not?
Let's start with the Royal Wedding shall we? I know most of the world tuned in to watch Prince William and his lovely Kate exchange their wedding vows, but not I! No, this was my chance to get my fill of eye candy....and I was not disappointed. I saw everything from the bizarre to the sublime.
Next it was off to the races, the Kentucky Derby that is. If there ever was a group of ladies that knew how to show up the Brits, it's these women. Stunning to just plain out there was the order of the day. 
I was scheduled for a busy day, but after one quick glance of these 'creations', I cleared my calendar, pour myself an ice tea (well perhaps it was a whiskey) and sat back to watch these thoroughbreds (and I am not talking about the horses) parade by all day. Oh how lovely, in deed.
Tucked somewhere in between was opening day of boating season here in the Pacific Northwest. And with that came a whole new set of hats that I simply adore. These workhorses can be folded, thrown in the wash, and tossed in a bag, and emerge charming. 
And this past weekend, in most parts of the country, women were celebrating the start of summer by donning their wide brim hats on the warm beaches of the Carolinas or in sunny Napa.
You might be wondering why I love hats so much. Well besides the fact that they complete the outfit, they also provide much needed shade for your face and the delicate skin on your ears, neck, and scalp. If you don't think you look good in hats, think about this....age spots, wrinkles, and worse, the threat of melanoma and scars from the treatment of suspicious spots.
You can never have too many hats.  I recommend you keep a hat handy where ever you go in the sun. I always keep a hat in my car and there's one by my kitchen door on the weekends. Plus I have the right hat for every weekend activity: hard working hats for messy stuff like gardening and hiking, fancy ones for wine country events and in between ones for farmers market shopping and lolling about on vacation.
When looking for a hat, look for a brim that's at least 2 inches wide all the way around to make sure you have enough shade. Also make sure that the materials is made of tightly bound fabric to prevent too many rays from passing through. The best hats come with built in ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) right in the cloth!
Of course, you should always start with a lotion that contains an SPF and apply stronger protection when you know you will be out in the sun. Be sure to check out my line of skin care lotion for the ultimate in skin care protection this summer.
So what do you say? Shall we give the Brits and those Southern Belles a run for their money?
Until next time,